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Emotional well being begins with self reflection.

Only 10% of life is the shit that happens to you...

The other 90% is your response to it...

And 100% of that initial response is emotional.

It’s a tough pill to swallow, though these days it seems like our only option to emotional distress is popping pills. Writing for Self Reflection is an alternative. It's a journaling process that reveals how our patterns of thought, feelings and emotions interact to determine our actions. It empowers us to take some control back in our life – because the only thing we have any real control over is our reaction.


When you’re ready to get back in the driver’s seat in your life, get a pen and a notebook and learn how to write for self reflection.

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Journaling for Professional Development

Journaling Prompts


Life Stories

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Ready to put the theory into action?

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Are you ready for a tool that puts you in charge of your life?

Get a pen and a journaling notebook, and try my 7-day Writing for Self Reflection trial. 

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