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Journaling prompts & resources to help you on your writing for self reflection journey.

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Journal prompts for Anger

In these worksheets, journal prompts will allow you to write a coherent story about your thoughts, your emotional well being and how these two determine the choices/decisions you make and the actions you take.

Once you realize you have power over your thoughts about and emotional responses to the vicissitudes of life, you have reclaimed leadership in your life.

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Journal prompts for careers

Journaling these worksheets in their entirety is a journey of self discovery, to see how you feel about your current work situation as well as your beliefs about your power to make a change.


Finally you'll have fun creating a Self-Reflection Resume, which will give you insights into yourself that no traditional resume can.

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7-Day Journaling Trial

You say you have little to no experience journaling?


You’re in the right place. Welcome. 

These journal prompts will guide you through a 7-day personal change to start taking control of your thoughts, your emotions and your life.

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